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Gut Microbe-Host Interactions and their Role in Health and Disease

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*Selected as Editors’ choice for 2012; featured in Nature Med 18;1186-7, 2012;Nature (News and Views) 487:47-8, 2012; Nature Rev (Gastro&Hepatology)157: 2012*

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Regulation and Role of Epithelial Stress Proteins in Maintaining Intestinal Homeostasis

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Intestinal Epithelial Biology and Pathobiology

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Prevention and Basis of Colonic Carcinogenesis

  • Tao Y, Hart J, Lichtenstein, L, Joseph LJ, Ciancio MJ, Hu S, Chang EB, Bissonnette M. Inducible Heat Shock Protein 70 Prevents Multifocal Flat Dysplastic Lesions and Invasive Tumors in an Inflammatory Model of Colon Cancer. Carcinogenesis 30 (1); 175-182. 2009
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R01 Dietary fat effects on gut microbes, host immune state and experimental colitis

R37 Cytoprotective Role of Heat Shock Proteins in IBD (NIH MERIT Award)

P30 – (DDRCC)  IBD and Mucosal Inflammation, Immunology, and Micobiology of the G.I. tract.

T32  Research Training in Digestive Diseases and Nutrition

T35 Short Term Training: Health Professional Students

CCT Searle Funds: Role of Gut Microbiota in Determining Drug Efficacy and Toxicity