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Research Collaborations

Drs. Eugene Chang, David Rubin, and Candace Cham went to Hong Kong to visit our collaborators at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in January 2023.


Lab Accolades


Congratulations to Joash Lake (1st picture, center), graduate student in immunology in Dr. Eugene B. Chang’s lab, on being a recipient of the 2022 Biological Sciences Division, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award. Joash was awarded for his service and contributions to the university and community at large. Joash serves on the board of the Black Grad Coalition, where he helps to create inclusive and safe spaces for black professionals at the university and works with non-profit organizations such as Target Hope, that aim to increase the number of under-represented communities to pursue higher education. He has also served as a CAMPII mentor, a program that aims to help increase the recruitment of minority students into STEM fields.